A Case of You

Good afternoon friends. Today I want to tell you about my favorite film. Well, in my spare time, sometimes I spend a whole day in my room with many kind of films which I have on my laptop. Do not ask me where or how I can have those films. I got from my bestie, Dinda. She is my bestie since senior high school and fortunately we are in the same uni now. Yeay.

This film has a drama for the genre,  the main character is Sam and Birdie who’s acted by Justin Long and  Evan Rachel Wood. Can you guess what the film is? Yep! A Case Of You. Has a romantic plot story makes me feel touched and sensitive.

Two years since I had watched this film, I still remember the plot. Sam, an author met his ex girlfriend who was  already married, when he was on his book launching, while on the other hand he doesn’t have any wife or even girlfriend. Until one day, when he went to coffee shop and met Birdie he felt on crush with her.

Birdie is a cashier and coffee maker on her work place. Sam, who has a crush on her, visited the coffee shop very often just because want to meet her, but one day he didn’t meet Birdie. Birdie has resigned from there and it made Sam want to know more about her, so he searched all about her from Birdie’s facebook account. He tried all things which liked by her, cooking, playing guitar, reading a book and listening music  which she likes, even joining Judo class.

His effort brought him to a lucky situation. He finally met Birdie and had a relationship with her. After all things that have been done by him, Birdie felt she also in love with Sam. But, after the time passing by, Sam thought that Birdie didn’t know anything about him and she could love him because he did anything what she likes. So, Sam decided to leave her, while Birdie was really in love with Sam. At the end, Sam realize that he had a bad decision to leave her. He really loves her, just like Birdie loves Sam wholeheartedly.

This film is really good and I can say that it’s the second best film in my life for drama romantic story. So, happy watching fellas, hopefully you enjoy it!!


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