Who doesn’t like music? I think that many people love music whether they can play with any instruments or not. So do I. I cannot play any instruments except triangle. Lol. I’d ever heard when we are in blue we will listen music from its lyric, but when we are in good we will listen music from its melody. What do you think?

Well, music is one of my favorite especially indie music. In Indonesia there are many indie musicians which made many beautiful songs with poetic and deep lyric. One thing that makes indie special is because the diction. As I said before, the lyric is deep and poetic. You should think what the real meaning of the lyric, what the purpose of the writer write that. Usually you’ll think more than once to get the true one.

Indie music not only talk about love, its commonly used by some people to express their thought, opinion, social critic, sight view, or even worry about whatever happens around them.

I have one special indie band in Indonesia and I think this one is one of my best. “Efek Rumah Kaca” (green house effect). Sounds weird? No for their songs! Their songs are very good. Mostly has calm and slow melody. Deep and critic about the diction, sometimes confusing, but that’s their style. A group with three members, ERK, had released many inspirational songs for Indonesian music.

I assume you to listen their song. May be, you won’t understand their lyric because it’s in bahasa, but mostly they tell us about what current issues among us and social life. They wrap it into beautiful tunes and can be accepted by wide people, so they can spread their “influence” to us, or make us realize what should we do with our daily life.

click here: efek rumah kaca


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