Blog or Vlog

Blog or Vlog?

Basically vlog and blog are two things which have the same function. They are media to tell and share something which happens in daily basis. The difference between them is only how we deliver it to people. Vlog, video blog,  which shows us graphic motion and sound while blog is only using text to deliver thoughts or stories.

Vlog is very popular now especially on YouTube. Many people can be easily share their life activities on their YouTube channel. They only have to prepare camera and laptop to upload or give some editing action. Commonly, many celebrities in my country make their own channel on YouTube and share his/her daily life either their schedule or some challenge activities with his/her friend, family, or even stranger.

We know that blog comes earlier than vlog. People used to write on their blog as their media to share their own story, thought, perspective, knowledge, or even joke. Blog is upgrade version of “old diary”. People used to write his/her story on diary, usually at night, (haha) using pen and paper. Then blog comes with online concept and it was booming at that time.

Well, I actually prefer blog to vlog. Not because I do not like like vlog. No. I like vlog and I watch some celeb’s vlog especially this one Fitrop Toge. I like writing than recording, well in fact I do not have camera with good enough spec (haha). That’s why I am blogging. Ah also, I do not even like to show on camera. Some people have the same thought as me right? Whoooohooo…

In brief, either blog or vlog, they are all same. For you guys, you are freely choose your choice using blog or vlog, depend on your personality and your like one. Happy sharing!!


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